How to Overlay on CapCut?

Let’s talk about jazzing up your videos with CapCut overlays! Overlays are the spice of video editing, and CapCut’s got you covered whether you’re a budding creator or a social media pro. Here’s your easy guide to adding that extra zing to your videos with CapCut overlays.

How to Overlay on CapCut?

  • Open CapCut on your device and pick the project you’re working on, or start a fresh one.
  • Tap on the ‘Overlays’ option in your editing toolbar to see all the magic you can add.
  • Choose your overlay, whether it’s text, shapes, stickers, or even animations, to make your video pop.
  • Drag and drop it onto your video timeline, then tweak it by resizing and moving it to the perfect spot.

Customizing Your Overlays

CapCut isn’t just about adding overlays; it’s about making them uniquely yours. Adjust the opacity, play with the duration, and explore blending modes to get the look just right. It’s all about experimenting to see what looks best on your video.

Personal Touch with Custom Overlays

Got your own graphics, like a logo or watermark? Bring them into CapCut by hitting the “Import” option within the overlays feature. This is your chance to brand your video and truly make it your own.

Layering Like a Pro

Why stop at one? Stack those overlays to create depth and texture. Adjust their order, and mix different elements for that professional touch. CapCut gives you the canvas to layer to your heart’s content.

Tips for Overlays That Shine

  • Theme it up: Match overlays with your video’s vibe.
  • Subtlety is key: Don’t let overlays steal the show.
  • Mix and match: Different blending modes mean unique effects.
  • Text for context: Overlays can tell your story or prompt an action.
  • Harmony is everything: Sync overlays with transitions and filters for a seamless look.

Share Your Masterpiece

Once your video with overlays is a wrap, it’s showtime! Export your creation in various formats and resolutions to fit the platform you’re targeting. Then, share your work with the world, or just with friends and family.

So go ahead, give your videos a boost with CapCut overlays. It’s your story, tell it with flair!

Rock on, and happy editing!

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